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August Athlete of the Month

August Athlete of the Month
July 26, 2019 Dr. Lesmeister
In Athlete of the Month

With our Prosper location continuing to grow – we present our next athlete of the month – Chris Abraham

How often do you regularly workout?
3-4 times a week.

What is your favorite d’Pilates workout?
Stretching and core, but I also like it when I am physically challenged beyond what I feel I am capable of doing.

When not working out at d’Pilates, how do you spend your time?
Weight training and bike riding.

What song(s) get you motivated to get through a workout?
All Classic Rock

List 5 interesting things we don’t know about you.
I was in a movie in college –Paramount Pictures, Necessary Roughness
I played college football at UNT
I’ve seen one of only 21 perfect games in baseball and was so close to two.
I love crossword puzzles
I was a father to two daughters my first Father’s Day and they weren’t twins. Born 10 and ½ months a part

What 3 things are your must-haves?
Food, Companionship and Laughter

In your own words, tell us about your experience so far at d’Pilates?
Deanna is a motivating and caring coach beyond the physical aspect of the Pilates workout. She is a master of the discipline but also a mental and spiritual coach that hones you into a mind, body and spirit focus.