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    Posted on June 22, 2015 by in General, Offers

    GetAttachmentAs many of you know, I have three dogs. They are a true blessing  to me and everyone who meets them. It’s no secret that they are my “furry angels” and that they have even come to the studio from time to time. Two of these amazing animals have came from WoofStock 2nd Chance Camp, a 501c3 animal rescue group. Yet WoofStock is so much more than that. Some of the dogs and cats they rescue require weeks and even month of rehabilitation. Some need significant surgeries. Such was the case with Sissy – my first adoption from WoofStock. Thanks to their expert care and willingness to nurse Sissy back to health, I was able to adopt one of the most precious animals I have ever had!

    Like so many of these organizations, they rely on donations and fund raisers to keep the doors open. Their staff is mostly volunteer, led by the amazing Kristina Lee, founder of WoofStock. Their dedication has saved the lives of hundreds of animals that would otherwise have been euthanized.

    Ever since adopting Sissy, I’ve had a special place in my heart for WoofStock. I try to volunteer when I can, but I know that what they really need is the financial contribution of individuals as well as companies and corporations across the metroplex. I was thrilled when d’Pilates Yoga and Physical Therapy was able to help sponsor the 6th Annual WoofStock Festival last October and I have wanted to do more ever since.

    So this month, I spoke with the staff and proposed that we donate 10% of d’Pilates earnings to WoofStock! We also decided to give a 10% discount for July services to anyone who donates $50 or more to WoofStock. I know that these contributions will go to help WoofStock expand their facilities and help them rescue more dogs and cats, giving them a second chance at a new life.

    I encourage everyone who is looking for a new pet to visit www.woofstockcamp.org or visit your local pet shelter.

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