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    • After having knee surgery I was looking for an exercise to strengthen and restore mobility to my knee. A close friend of mine joined d’Pilates and recommended it as a way to re-strengthen my knee. I started taking private lessons at d’Pilates in January 2013 and I can already tell the difference; my knee is much stronger and more flexible. Pilates has not only helped my knee recovery; it’s improved my mental state as well by keeping my mind relaxed and focused. d’Pilates studio is helping me to fulfill my own desire to have a longer life with increased mobility and strength. The workouts are challenging, effective, and fun!

      Traci ChrismasFriscoPlano, TX
    • I’ve heard it said that “Yoga is a gift that you give yourself”…. well, Joyce is a gift to Yoga! She is a wonderful teacher — amazing in her approach and always willing to help me tailor each session, based on how my body and/or mind is doing that particular day. Joyce has shown me many exercises that I can do at home in my own practice to help alleviate problem areas. The studio at dPilates has many tools and resources that assist me get into those hard to achieve poses! Joyce even incorporates some Pilates into the sessions, which is fantastic! Yoga helps boost my physical energy and has helped me regain my flexibility. I have learned just how personal Yoga is to each person and my body misses it when I’m away.

      Sandy DulaneyPlano, TX
    • I have been trying to do Pilates since January. My friends think I am better. Monday I went to a church and sang several old hymns with other people who like old hymns. It was wonderful! I was able to sing longer with more breath control than I have in many years. Thank you Deanna.

      Helen HighsmithPlano, TX
    • Deanne is knowledgeable and professional. She teaches Pilates using creative exercises that fit your individual needs. I love the personal and customized approach. Great for prenatal strengthening and physical therapy in addition to regular sessions!

      Victoria GorpinPlano, TX
    • Deanna is knowledgable and passionate about the world of Pilates. She uses essential oils in the workout area to make you feel relaxed and focused. The session felt very therapeutic too. I loved how my body felt for days after each workout!

      Shonda Russell ChiottiDallas, TX
    • Just when I thought I would have to give up my career as a nurse I met Deanna. She not only helped me restore myself physically but she’s guiding me mentally and emotionally through my rehabilitation experience.

      Paula WatsonPlano, TX
    • I love Deanna and this studio. It has changed my life and so has Deanna. I am peaceful when I am here. My body and mind are both renewed.

      Ajuanya ChoicePlano, TX
    • I had the opportunity to attend on of Deanna’s seminars and it was amazing! I not only took home several pearls of wisdom but she sparked my interest and made me think outside the box to better serve my patients. Excellent job Deanna! Thank you!

      CarriePensacola, FL
    • Kim, from one of our recent seminars, had this to say:

      Just wanted to tell you that the course was very inspiring and informative. The exercises were quite appropriate to my everyday practice. The ball exercises particularly are useful and I am currently using them with a shoulder patient. Integrating cognitive techniques with their exercises is quite valuable to my practice as well. Thank you for a great course!

    • Incredible Pilates session with Dr. Deanna. She is so knowledgeable and so good at instructing. She made me feel completely comfortable while challenging me at the same time. I am so looking forward to my next session!

      ChristopherPlano, TX