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    1. What is Pilates?
      • Pilates is a gentle yet highly effective physical conditioning method that improves flexibility and builds core strength and stability while improving overall health, wellness and general fitness. Pilates provides total body conditioning in a way that lengthens the muscles, resulting in a lean strong body (not the bulk that can come from traditional weight lifting). Pilates is performed on a mat or equipment that Joseph Pilates designed which are limited to: Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, High Back Chair, Ladder Barrel, Half Barrel, Spine Corrector, Ped-O-Pul, Foot Corrector, and Power Circle. D’Pilates is a fully equipped studio and offers Pilates on the Ball classes. This is where Pilates is performed using large and small balls to challenge the core and powerhouse.
    2. Is Pilates just for women?
      • This is a common misconception among many. The benefits of Pilates are not gender specific. In fact it’s developer, Joseph Pilates was said to be a bit of a macho man. He was a gymnast, a boxer and a military trainer in his earlier years. Over the years, Pilates has developed a following among male skiers and cyclists, and even some professional athletes (Tiger Woods, Jason Kidd, and Curt Schilling) have used Pilates to help them stay strong and limber.
    3. Are Pilates and Yoga the same?
      • While both Pilates and Yoga are complementary to one another, they are quite different.
    4. Is Pilates only for toning up my abs?
      • There are some misconceptions floating about that Pilates is a piece of cake. Due to it’s increasing popularity you can find a beginner class in almost all health clubs. While this is great for the general population, it also limits the exposure to intermediate and advanced classes. After all, one of the strengths of Pilates is the flexibility in program design. It can be easy for the beginner or quite difficult for the advanced student. D’Pilates classes are tailored to meet individual needs by maintaining small class sizes to promote accelerated results.
    5. Will Pilates replace my aerobic workout?
      • No…Pilates exercise was never intended or designed to be aerobic. Pilates is an anaerobic workout that is excellent for sculpting and increasing metabolism. However it is necessary for the client to maintain his/her cardio fitness. Pilates will define, tone and tighten your muscles where the cardio will burn off the fat to showcase them.
    6. Is Pilates only for the rich and wealthy?
      • Absolutely not. Mat classes are available for as little as $15-$20 per hour. Booking a private session with an instructor should be considered similar to booking time with a massage therapist or personal trainer.
    7. Is Pilates only for the healthy and fit?
      • Joseph Pilates modified his original program based on the injuries of his clients. One of the great benefits of Pilates is that it can be adapted for those that are unfit, post-trauma, post-disease, elderly, etc. by adhering to the principles of proper alignment and movement from the core. Pilates can help guide you on properly aligning the spine and positioning each joint and it can teach how to engage or relax muscles and coordinate actions.


    What do I Look for in my Pilates Instructor?

    1. Is your teacher a certified Pilates instructor?
      • Pilates is not currently regulated so pretty much anyone can claim to be an instructor. Mat classes are often taught over a weekend workshop, however a student should look for someone with extensive experience and knowledge. “Please see The d’Pilates Experience“.
    2. Is the instructor sincere about supporting you?
      • Does your teacher show a genuine interest in you? Does he/she take the time to find out what your goals are and what is going on in your body? Does he/she touch base with you after the class to see how it went for you?  Here at d’Pilates we want our clients to know we care by our personalized instruction to tailor the program to meet individual needs.
    3. Is the instructor a good communicator?
      • Learning a new system of exercise/fitness can be challenging for a new student. Don’t become frustrated or think it’s your fault if you don’t understand something. It’s the job of your instructor to present the exercises and philosophy of Pilates in a clear and concise manner.  All d’Pilates instructors have completed the KLLP(reference contact on d’Pilates home page) to better serve clients in their preferred communication style to enhance learning of the Pilates repertoire and create a sound muscle memory. To simply hear is not suitable for learning but to engage in ACTIVE LISTENING in what the client needs and wants is the essence of the mind body contrology.
    4. Do you receive INDIVIDUAL  ATTENTION during  SMALL GROUP classes?
      • While some students elect for private sessions, others prefer and/or opt for a group class. Just because you’re in a group class environment does not mean you should not be receiving individual attention. The instructor should be monitoring and checking-in with each and every student.  D’Pilates emphasizes individual attention by offering small classes (5-8 students).
    5. Does your instructor seem KNOWLEDGEABLE and CONFIDENT?
      • Is he/she providing clear, concise directions and making accommodations/modifications as necessary?
    6. Do you enjoy your class?
      • Most students are not going to stick with a program that they don’t enjoy. Be sure to find a class that challenges you yet you find pleasure in.  FUN AND LAUGHTER MAKES A CLASS ALL THE MORE REWARDING!
    7. Did you feel motivated by the instructor?
      • Even the most die-hard athletes need some external motivation. Did your instructor provide encouragement, support and MOTIVATION during the class? After the class?
      *For more information, please feel free to email or call us at 214.563.0307 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.  Have a HAPPY, HEALTHY DAY from all of us at d’Pilates 🙂