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    September 29, 2018 Administrator Administrator

    Last spring I began experiencing major hip and knee pain as well as tingling and numbness in my right leg. I attributed the pain to spending several days working in my beautiful backyard. The debilitating pain continued so I sought medical attention. After visiting several doctors, numerous scans and MRI’s, it was determined that 2 bulging discs, minor scoliosis, loss of muscle tone and strength were the causes of my pain.

    I was referred to Deanna at d’Pilates for weekly Pilates and physical therapy. Another friend had suggested Pilates as a means of therapy for a bad back but I knew very little about this type of exercise. Deanna was so informative and so dedicated to teaching me the right techniques, stretches and exercises using the Pilates equipment. Six weeks later, my pain has diminished significantly. I am building my core muscles, rehabilitating my back, increasing my flexibility and range of motion as well as increasing my stability and durability.

    As a doctor of physical therapy, Deanna has designed a safe and yet rigorous rehabilitation program to meet “my individual” needs. I highly recommend Deanna, Doctor of Physical Therapy at d’Pilates.