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    • Even though I’ve worked with many trainers over the years and have taken many Yoga classes, some Pilates classes and paid more gym fees than I care to admit, I have never experienced the level of satisfaction that I have after my Pilates sessions with Deanna. She has a unique ability to not only focus on you, but to know what you need from each session. There is continuous flow to each session rather than continuous starting and stopping. I am able to feel my body and my mind connect and now have a heightened awareness of that connection all the time. Even though it’s only been a few short weeks, I can feel that change is beginning to take place. The tension through my shoulders and neck area are nearly gone! I love it that you can make every moment count! It is certainly rewarding and also fun to learn the exercises that require strength, balance and coordination. With Deanna’s help, I will enjoy all the benefits that Pilates can bring.

      Lynn HarrisPlano, TX
    • We’ve been immensely impressed and satisfied with Deanna’s Pilates circuit. The workout is completely personalized and extremely effective. We both have athletic backgrounds and train on a regular basis. Deanna’s routines will tap into physical and mental development that is unmatched in the fitness industry. The D’ Pilates studio (conveniently located in Legacy Village) has an inviting vibe. Deanna’s extroverted and professional style, parlayed with her state of the art equipment, spawns a workout like no other. The intimacy of the private sessions (we take the class as a couple) is ideal for everyone who is serious about impacting positive changes in their mind and body. Beginners will be tediously instructed, while the most advanced will be challenged to optimal levels. Thank you.

      Jamie PritschowFrisco, TX
    • Deanna, I just got home from a day at the golf course and wanted to write you about the difference you have made in my golf game. I have been playing golf since I was six years old; however, the last ten years I haven’t been able to play as much because of starting my own business. As a result, my game hasn’t been as good as it once was. For example, my drives off the tee had shortened by almost 50 yards over the last many years. As you can imagine, my scores began to increase. Well, as a result of your Pilates instruction over the last month, my flexibility and strength have almost regain their levels of my earlier years resulting in increased drives off the tee back to where they once were. I can’t thank you enough for your patience in working with me and my middle-aged body.

      Garry Brownfield, MBA, CFPDallas, TX
    • When I first began going to D’Pilates I had a low self-esteem and needed a change! I needed to work out my mind and body and that what Deanna helped me accomplish. Just after a few weeks, I felt stronger, more flexible and started to feel better about myself. I would have never thought Pilates could make me look and feel better about myself…but it has done wonders. Thanks, Deanna, for helping me become a better me.

      Holly GastonPlano, TX
    • I started Pilates when I was 58. I am now 61 and have found that Pilates has helped me maintain my core strength and helped me improve my balance, which is so important for the older adult to prevent falls. In addition, several other physiological conditions that deal with elimination have been improved through the core exercises. Thank you so much for being the excellent, caring and generous instructor that you are.

      Ginny LindseyDallas, TX
    • May I take this opportunity to highly recommend Ms. Deanna Lesmeister as an excellent physical therapist/health and fitness coach. Ms. Lesmeister has instructed me for several weeks in the Pilates physical system, for rehabilitation subsequent to a serious and debilitating injury and resulting surgery. The orthopedic surgeon who is my treating physician is in total agreement that is extremely important for post-surgical patients to retrain the whole body rather than just the injured area. He was happy to write me a prescription for Ms. Lesmeister to use the Pilates system as a rehabilitation technique. Ms. Lesmeister is a registered physical therapist as well as Pilates coach, she clearly understands the complexities of the human anatomy. Although I have only had eight Pilates sessions and need much more rehabilitation, I can already see a difference in my level of body strength and muscle tone. Ms. Lesmeister is willing to adapt exercises to meet the personal needs of her clients, and she is very knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic about her chose profession. It is a pleasure to work with her and I am happy to recommend her to anyone who needs/requests her services.

      Ann K. Delaney, Ed.D.Dallas, TX
    • I am a few months shy of my 37th birthday and I had my son 5 months ago. As most women know, with your second pregnancy the weight comes on more quickly and the body changes more rapidly. I could not exercise during this pregnancy but still maintained a reasonable weight gain (32 pounds). What I did notice this time was that my stomach did not return as quickly and it almost seemed as though my organs were not in the right place and it was painful to even try and suck my tummy in. I started my Pilates journey when my son was about 3 months old. It was very difficult and the abdominal work seemed daunting for this one time athlete. I have to say that after one series, I had my body back and was beginning to feel great. I have exercised my entire life and I have never felt so strong or flexible before. If you want to put your body back together again, especially after a pregnancy, there is nothing I would more strongly recommend. Deanna is demanding and keeps me disciplined which is fantastic. There is no slacking with these workouts. If you stick with it, you will not be sorry. An additional benefit that I noticed is that I have less body aches and pains when I am consistent. I am on my feet a lot during the day and am bending over and twisting in awkward positions and Deanna’s Pilates workouts really keeps me tuned up and capable to accomplish of any physical challenges my job presents.

      Nicole Sivie, DDSPlano, TX
    • I started taking private Pilate lessons at D’Pilates in January of 2011 to gain strength, balance and to help ease lower back pain. I am so pleased that the back pain has subsided and I am feeling more fit than I have in years! Making the torso stronger is holding my back in position thus alleviating the pain. In addition, my posture and balance has improved and I am overall stronger. Due to the results and simply because I enjoy Pilates, I will continue practicing the rest of my life!

      Debbie RaderPlano, TX
    • After having knee surgery I was looking for an exercise to strengthen and restore mobility to my knee. A close friend of mine joined d’Pilates and recommended it as a way to re-strengthen my knee. I started taking private lessons at d’pilates in January 2013 and I can already tell the difference; my knee is much stronger and more flexible. Pilates has not only helped my knee recovery, it’s improved my mental state as well by keeping my mind relaxed and focused. D’Pilates Studio is helping me to fulfill my own desire to have a longer life with increased mobility and strength. The workouts are challenging, effective, and fun!

      Traci ChrismanFrisco, TX
    • I searched extensively for a qualified Pilates teacher to provide me personal conditioning and overall health training and I found Deanna at D’Pilates in Plano. I can’t say enough about what she has done for me! After just a few sessions I significantly improved flexibility and core strength. Now after a couple of months working with her I can see improvement in my golf swing and other athletic activities. Deanna is so caring and knowledgeable. Her extensive education and training really shines through and makes a world of difference for a safe and intense workout. I can’t imagine going anywhere else! Thanks Deanna!

      Christi Staib, CRPC, MBAPlano, TX