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Online Pilates & CEU’s

As part of our COVID-19 response, d’Pilates Clinical Education is continuing to provide on-line CEU’s, virtual learning and long-distance teaching. Contact us today to learn more about these programs or to request a tailored online-seminar.

d’Pilates Physical Therapy and Yoga also provide one-on-one lessons through several available web-base virtual platforms. We are available for virtual Pilates and Yoga sessions, Pilates mat work on the floor and the chair as well as Pilates Equipment sessions. Contact us today for more information.

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We are now mobile! Contact us today to learn more about our mobile services.

DISC Personality Assessment

Discover Your Strengths

The DISC Personality Assessment creates a personalized report that includes the background of the DISC, why it is important to know your temperament, and identify the 9 Principles upon which the DISC concept is best understood. You will receive customized graphs that will show how you scored in 3 specific areas. Your report will lead you through 7 Steps (and exercises) to make you a Better You, and improve the relationships in your life! Contact us today  to learn more about the DISC Personality Assessment!