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Learn From The Best Without Ever Leaving Home

We now offer on-line Skype consultations to help you improve you health and wellness. Contact us today for more information.

Pilates at Work

Pilates can be done any place - and any time. A 30 minute break during the work day can improve productivity and reduce stress. One of our instructors can stop by your office and help you and your co-workers through some basic stretching and low impact activity to make the work week easier. Contact us today to learn more and reserve your time.

Upcoming Seminars

Our next presentation with Dr. Deanna Lesmeister is coming soon. Contact us today to be added to our email list and discover where and when! Click Here for more information.

Summer Time Blues

The kids will soon be out of school and summer activities will be ramping up. Take a break this summer and check out our Summer Specials. From a relaxing Yoga class to a perfect stretch in Pilates - improve your health this summer.

Just wanted to take a minute to brag about d’Pilates. Here goes:
  • First time I ever took an organized class – Love it!
  • I can use the shoulder strap on my purse without it falling off.
  • My movements are no so rigid – reflexes are much better.
  • Breathing better and deeper.
  • Confidence and goals are much higher and feel attainable.
HURRAH!!!! - Karen M.