Yoga & Pilates Classes

Every new client has a choice for their first session:

    A more comprehensive exploration of your overall body health by Dr. Deanna Lesmeister – Certified Pilates Instructor, to determine a custom, holistic Pilates exercise program to alleviate common health problems such as:

    • motion limitations
    • random mood swings
    • shortness of breath
    • back pain
    • muscle tightness
    Periodic Pilates program accomplishment evaluation should be done by Dr. Deanna Lesmeister – Certified Pilates Instructor, to adapt your program to maintain focus on increasing your general health.


  1. INTRO TO PILATES (single session)
    A simple exposure to Pilates exercise criteria which includes an evaluation of your current exercise conditioning by a certified Pilates instructor.

Class/Session Packages

For your convenience, we offer special monthly package rates

Personal Training Session (with Dr. Deanna Lesmeister):

  • Single Session
  • Package of 5
  • Package of 10

Individual Training Session (with qualified instructor):

  • Single Session
  • Package of 5

Group Classes (with qualified instructor):

  • Mat/Equipment (single session)

Semi-Personal Training Sessions
Create a semi-personal training session with a friend or family member. Choose from Pilates equipment including reformer, chair, tower, jumpboard or Pilates mat to meet your health and fitness goals.

  • Single Session
  • Package of 5

Semi-Personal and Group classes are available with Dr. Deanna Lesmeister. Please call for pricing.

Service Policy
All services are subject to a 24 hour cancellation rule. Any appointment, including group classes, not cancelled before 24 hours of the scheduled time will be charged the full service rate. The studio will not charge due to cancellations for severe weather.

All services must be prepaid to hold your spot. This applies to all services from private lessons to group classes. Spots cannot be held without payment. This includes leaving for vacation or other extended absences. If you would like us to hold your time(s), you must prepay for one weeks lesson.

Discounts for services will only be given in packages. If you would prefer to pay per lesson, a single lesson rate will be applied. There are no refunds on unused packages or services.

All services require prior permission to attend. There are no drop in services.

All services expire three (3) months from the purchase date.

Students are expected to be on time for lessons. All lessons are 55 minutes and start at the scheduled time of the appointment. Lessons will not be extended for tardiness. Students arriving more that 15 minutes late – without calling – will be considered a late cancellation and will be charged the full lesson rate. Anyone showing more than 10 minutes late for a group class – exception solos – will be charged and not allowed to participate. We feel it is unsafe to join a group class after the warm up and it is unfair to slow the progress of the other participants.

There are no refunds on unused services and gift certificates.