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Prosper, TX 75078

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Phone: 214-563-0307

    Some of the amazing benefits that target health, wellness and fitness in our Yoga and Pilates programs include:

    • Improved core strength and stability
    • Improved back strength while relieving back pain
    • Improved posture and alignment
    • Improved overall mobility, resulting in longer, leaner muscles
    • Enhanced coordination and balance
    • Increased circulation, energy and stamina
    • Enhanced athletic performance
    • Improved flexibility and muscle balance
    • Uniquely adaptable to fit the individual’s needs
    • Helps reverse age related deterioration in muscle strength and nerve receptors
    • Improved joint bio-mechanics which helps to lubricate joints through gentle movement
    • Facilitates effective patterns of movement making individuals less prone to injury
    • Creates a toned body with slender thighs and a flat abdomen

    d’Pilates is dedicated to coaching clients to meet their health and fitness goals. We strive to inspire wellness by fostering post-rehab programs. Almost all Pilates instructors have a yearning to learn more about caring for pathologies in the Pilates setting. How could we not? It seems that anyone over the age of 30 comes to us with some issue that is either directly or indirectly affecting the way they move.

    d’Pilates will teach you to work three-dimensionally to bring scoliosis and kyphosis towards a more neutral spine.

    Traditionally, scoliosis is managed through observation, bracing and surgery. The techniques you will learn at d’Pilates, aim to make exercise a viable part of the management program.

    Three components are emphasized in Scolio-Pilates to aid in mobilizing curves, reducing pain and improving lung and heart health:

    1. Elongation of the spine
    2. Breathing exercises
    3. Strength and endurance