The D’Pilates Experience

d’Pilates is an inspiring atmosphere for Pilates, Yoga or simple strength training fitness. Our passion is to support individuals in meeting their health and fitness goals, as well as improving their overall quality of life.

d’Pilates empowers our clients to take positive action with their health, wellness and fitness goals by bringing body, mind and spirit into balance. At d’Pilates we encourage individuals to make healthy choices by coaching clients on how to bridge their “THINK” (mind) with their “FEEL” (heart), resulting in a balanced body.

D’Pilates Difference
At d’Pilates the client receives more than the standard training by a Certified Pilates Instructor. Deanna Lesmeister is a licensed Physical Therapist who brings over 20 years of medical experience to the client. Each session takes into consideration the best approach from both a Pilates and Physical Therapy perspective, ensuring the safest, fastest, most effective program possible.

Our Core Values
Our business is driven by knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart, and strength in the body.

In Business:

  • The business philosophy of d’Pilates is more than providing a place to exercise or a Personal Physical Training Service. Our philosophy is to develop a personal relationship between the Client and d’Pilates where the Client’s concerns, objectives and goals form the content of d’Pilates.
  • D’Pilates strives to provide the MOST EFFECTIVE, least time consuming services that enhance the Client’s physical and mental condition to achieve results experienced by the Client.
  • D’Pilates places DELIVERABLE VALUE above business profits.
  • The Client’s time is highly valued by all the staff at d’Pilates.

In Physical Training

  • The client’s safety is d’Pilates most important priority.
  • Every client’s physical needs and strength capabilities are different and change over the course of time. D’Pilates designs specific programs for each client to achieve specific results within an allotment of time.
  • At d’Pilates the focus is on Natural Conditioning to develop flexibility, strength and balance, enhanced circulation and enable more effective rehabilitation throughout the body.
  • Every d’Pilates Program is personally reviewed by Deanna Lesmeister, Physical Therapist for the most effective path to deliver the Best Results the Client wishes to obtain.