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    September 29, 2018 Administrator Administrator

    I have been working for 28 years as a nurse at the hospital full-time and have suffered from back, hips and feet pain. After three shifts in a row I usually need a couple of days to recover. I also had multiple car accidents in the past and a flat thoracic spine.

    After five sessions of Pilates I have noticed a strength in my lower back, looser hips and lighter feet. I did a fair amount of research before coming to d’Pilates and I thank Deanna for her expertise in the proper alignment of the body during the exercises. Her vigilance in keeping the client safe is great, because in the past, I have taken classes and injured myself not knowing that improper alignment can cause injury.

    I am 60 years old and finally found a teacher who can work with me individually and help me reconnect with my body, breath, and build a stronger core with the added benefit of flexibility.

    Thank you so much Deanna!