d’Pilates Yoga & Physical Therapy:
P.O. Box 784
Prosper, TX 75078

Email: info@dpilates.com

Phone: 214-563-0307


    • Being new to Pilates I did not know what to expect. I’m glad I decided to give it a try. Simply amazing!!! I highly recommend d’Pilates and Deanna to anyone who wants to build their core strength and improve balance and posture. I’ve never felt better.

      RobertPlano, TX
    • I can’t thank you enough for working with me. I can see the difference in my body. I’m stronger. I love Pilates! It’s the first time in a long time I’m comfortable exercising because I know you will take care of my knees. You are the best!

      Janeth GomezPlano, TX
    • After teaching one of her many seminars – Aging Confidently – Geriatric Posture, Core and Balance – at Grayhawk, Dr. Lesmeister received the most wonderful letter thanking her for her methodology and approach to working with geriatric patients. Read more…

      I have been working with Deanna at d’Pilates for about four months. My SI join pain has completely resolved. My right knee, which felt unstable at times, no longer feels unstable!
      Getting stronger and improved balance. Love that I am getting healthier!!!

      JoanPlano, TX
    • Deanna Has been a miracle worker for me. I suffer from arthritis and have not found any form of exercise that has been beneficial. I finally went to meet her and she was very warm, inviting, and reassuring. I have worked out with a variety of trainers and I always found myself discouraged and injured. She has helped me build strength without pushing me past my physical limitation. I am thankful to find not only a workout I enjoy but also a trainer who has knowledge and expertise.

      Rachael Y.
    • Just wanted to take a minute to brag about d’Pilates. Here goes:

      • First time I ever took an organized class – Love it!
      • I can use the shoulder strap on my purse without it falling off.
      • My movements are no so rigid – reflexes are much better.
      • Breathing better and deeper.
      • Confidence and goals are much higher and feel attainable.
      Karen M.HURRAH!!!!