d’Pilates Yoga & Physical Therapy:
7008 Bishop Rd., Suite 1101
Plano, TX 75024
(at the Shops of  Legacy, south of the Marriott Hotel – easy access from the North Dallas Tollway take the Legacy exit).

Prosper Physical Therapy:
201 S. Main Street, Suite C
Prosper, TX 75078
(across from Prosper Town Hall/Library).

Email: info@dpilates.com

Phone: 214-563-0307


  • I’ve heard it said that “Yoga is a gift that you give yourself”…. well, Joyce is a gift to Yoga! She is a wonderful teacher — amazing in her approach and always willing to help me tailor each session, based on how my body and/or mind is doing that particular day. Joyce has shown me many exercises that I can do at home in my own practice to help alleviate problem areas. The studio at dPilates has many tools and resources that assist me get into those hard to achieve poses! Joyce even incorporates some Pilates into the sessions, which is fantastic! Yoga helps boost my physical energy and has helped me regain my flexibility. I have learned just how personal Yoga is to each person and my body misses it when I’m away.

    Sandy DulaneyPlano, TX
  • I have been coming to d’Pilates for a few months now. Deanna, a doctor of physical therapy and Pilates instructor, is very knowledgeable and educated. I have gained strength, flexibility and confidence and would highly recommend this studio.

    D LiebermanPlano, TX
  • My orthopedic surgeon referred me to DPilates for rehabilitation after extensive back surgery. Deanna is a licensed physical therapist as well as a Pilates instructor. Using her extensive knowledge and experience, Deanna was able to customize a program that allowed me to safely participate in exercise and rebuild my strength and flexibility. She listened to my goals and problems. Instead of simply using a “cookie cutter” list of exercises, she modified my plan to fit my needs. I’m sure she would be as successful working with athletes who want to optimize their skills or people who just want to become physically fit. She prefers to do private sessions but is flexible. Deanna isn’t cheap but she is worth it.

    Dr. H. Janie ChihalPlano, TX
  • I’ve been going to Deanna for help with my very bent over posture. She works every part of my body, as it is all relates to standing erect. I see her three times a week, and when I’m gone too long in between for travel, I really miss the regiment we do. My problem would be crippling without the exercise and accountability I owe to her.

    Lorraine T.Frisco, TX
  • Deanna and d’Pilates is amazing! I have suffered from Scoliosis for 18 years. I have tried everything – chiropractor, pills, working out,etc. As I got older my body started getting weak and my back was hurting. I lost all confidence in myself – even while working out – and anything I did was painful. I started going to d’Pilates and I have a new found confidence. I feel energized, and a lot stronger. My scoliosis does not bother me anymore! Deanna’s knowledge of Pilates as it pertains to my scoliosis symptoms, has drastically reduced the amount of pain and discomfort I so commonly experienced.

    Megan HeltonPlano, TX
  • Awesome experience! Deanna is a patient, excellent instructor. If you’re interested in the real deal, schedule a class or private session. Deanna teaches Pilates the right way, not some gym chain hybrid. Most importantly, she will make sure your experience is both rewarding and safe. Highly recommend!

    Amy MeadePlano, TX
  • Last spring I began experiencing major hip and knee pain as well as tingling and numbness in my right leg. I attributed the pain to spending several days working in my beautiful backyard. The debilitating pain continued so I sought medical attention. After visiting several doctors, numerous scans and MRI’s, it was determined that 2 bulging discs, minor scoliosis, loss of muscle tone and strength were the causes of my pain.

    I was referred to Deanna at d’Pilates for weekly Pilates and physical therapy. Another friend had suggested Pilates as a means of therapy for a bad back but I knew very little about this type of exercise. Deanna was so informative and so dedicated to teaching me the right techniques, stretches and exercises using the Pilates equipment. Six weeks later, my pain has diminished significantly. I am building my core muscles, rehabilitating my back, increasing my flexibility and range of motion as well as increasing my stability and durability.

    As a doctor of physical therapy, Deanna has designed a safe and yet rigorous rehabilitation program to meet “my individual” needs. I highly recommend Deanna, Doctor of Physical Therapy at d’Pilates.

    Carol SmithPlano, TX
  • After having back surgery for a disk, I spent three months doing traditional physical therapy to strengthen my abdomen and back. Although my pain was markedly improved by the surgery, I still had some soreness especially in the evenings when I was tired. In addition, my back surgeon emphasized that strengthening my muscles and improving my flexibility would help prevent further back problems. My wife encouraged me to try Pilates with Deanna at d’Pilates. I am amazed at my progress. I’ve gotten stronger and perhaps even more importantly, I have had a major improvement in my flexibility. The Pilates technique seems to be much more effective than just traditional physical therapy. Deanna is a great teacher and has the ability to really motivate her students to achieve more. In addition, her training as a physical therapist helps her push her students towards success with less risk of re-injury. I highly recommend her.

    Dr. David M. ChihaPlano, TX
  • I am amazed daily at the progress I have made after practicing Pilates at d’Pilates. I am under the careful supervision of a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Deanna Lesmeister, who encourages me to address my weaknesses while paying careful attention to all the injuries I have collected in 35 years of tennis and other activities.

    She has worked intently to help heal my shoulder, neck, back and knees. She is a very gifted healer and a saint! Thanks to her ministrations, I don’t feel the same on the court and afterwards, I no longer feel as if I’ve been hit by a truck.

    My husband is in awe of what Pilates has done for my golf swing and the distance it has added to my drives; at least 50 yards! He’s also noticed that I am no longer exhausted at the end of 18 holes.

    I’ve heard “strong core” for years and have tried numerous workouts to strengthen my core. But I never truly tapped into it until Deanna’s help!

    Donna KeatonFrisco, TX
  • I have been working for 28 years as a nurse at the hospital full-time and have suffered from back, hips and feet pain. After three shifts in a row I usually need a couple of days to recover. I also had multiple car accidents in the past and a flat thoracic spine.

    After five sessions of Pilates I have noticed a strength in my lower back, looser hips and lighter feet. I did a fair amount of research before coming to d’Pilates and I thank Deanna for her expertise in the proper alignment of the body during the exercises. Her vigilance in keeping the client safe is great, because in the past, I have taken classes and injured myself not knowing that improper alignment can cause injury.

    I am 60 years old and finally found a teacher who can work with me individually and help me reconnect with my body, breath, and build a stronger core with the added benefit of flexibility.

    Thank you so much Deanna!

    Sylvia S.Plano, TX